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Image by American Public Power Association

Green Transition

Real-estate Sustainability

The real estate industry plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, as one-third of Europe’s carbon emissions come from real estate. By renovating existing buildings we can reduce a significant amount of materials and emissions compared to building something new. With a team of dedicated experts and the latest technology, we will reduce the building’s carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

In addition, we are building the first ever AI Sustainable Goals Development Scorecard in collaboration with the leading AI provider Headai and their sustainability partner Gaia.

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In all of our projects we aim only carbon-free energy for electricity and heating. And by doing this, the amount of emissions we can save every year equals that of 5000 cars! The projects will be fueled by:

 - A 7.000 m2 solar park on the roof and on south-facing walls

- Wind turbines

- Thermic energy from earth

- Energy from the sea

- Surplus energy from the internal data center


The surplus energy will be stored using the latest battery technology and also be converted to green hydrogen. The energy approach is being utilized across all our concepts

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