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High North Development Group was founded in 2021 and includes the following companies

KIH Kirkenes Invest Holding AS

KBE Kirkenes Bolig Eiendom AS

KSE Kirkenes Sykehus Eiendom AS

NR Nye Rundkjøringa AS

PFT Prestefjellet Terrasse AS

TUN Toto Utvikling Nord AS

FEBAY Finest Bay Area Development Oy

Pål-Lund Roland
+47 954 56 520

Head of Development
Jonny Bergman
Head of Construction
Björn-Stian Brattbakk

+47 958 26 088

Marketing Manager
Ronny Eriksson
Project Manager
Victor Lindahl
Real-estate Developer
Morten Eriksson


The High North Development Group Team

Advisor of the Board
Pål-Lund Roland


Advisor of the Board
Tom Vidar Rygh


Advisor of the Board
Peter Vesterbacka


Advisor of the Board
Kustaa Valtonen


The High North Development Group Advisory Board

HNDG in a Nutshell

HNDG is actively developing projects and business within the fields of Knowledge and education, Business development and entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality, Trade and Logistics as well as developing real estate and infrastructure-projects meeting needs that arise as a consequence of created activity and growth.

About Our Business

Our aim

HNDG seeks to create gravity in close cooperation with strong national and international partners.

We have recognized the great potential in bilateral co-operation and co-creation between Finland and Norway in the Arctic and our work is focused on these projects right now.

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