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The High North Development Group Network

High North Development Group

High North Development Group is a holding and project development company operating in general in the Arctic Norway with a focus on Sør-Varanger municipality and East Finnmark.

About us

Fueling possibilities in the High North

HNDG is a business- and project development company that is engaged in creating gravity in the Arctic region in general with a focus on the Sør-Varanger Municipality.


HNDG is actively developing projects and business within the fields of Knowledge and education, Business development and entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality, Trade and Logistics as well as developing real estate and infrastructure-projects meeting needs that arise as a consequence of created activity and growth.


Our purpose is to serve as a long-term, solid and good strategic partner for national and international parties in business- project development operations in the Arctic Norway as well as in designated focus areas of investment elsewhere.

We are hard at work building alliances and partnerships with universities, businesses and public authorities, at both regional, national and international levels.

Key Activities

Business and Program Development

HNDG seeks to create gravity in close cooperation with strong national and international partners.

We have recognized the great potential in bilateral co-operation and co-creation between Finland and Norway in the Arctic and our work is focused on these projects right now.



Utlizing the benefits of the Finnish Norwegian bilateral collaboration. Connecting people, goods, competence and education.



With an extensive background in real-estate we are working on multiple projects that give our activities a physical playground.



We incorporate sustainability in everything we do, from the smallest operations to the electricity fueling our projects.



Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment guides the focus of our activities with close collaboration with universities, industries and the government.

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